Born in St. Louis, Douglas Glover has amassed an impressive and varied body of work from feature films to documentaries, music videos and commercials, always committing a distinct and thoughtful style to whatever project he helms.

While attending college, his Father gave him a still camera. Doug immediately fell in love with the photographic image and changed his major to Photojournalism. After watching “Days Of Heaven”, Glover knew that he wanted to be a Cinematographer and moved to California where he pursued Cinematography at California State University, Long Beach.

After school Douglas began a fellowship as a camera assistant for Steven Poster, A.S.C. Subsequent AC roles for the likes of Haskell Wexler, A.S.C, Caleb Deschanel, A.S.C., and Tami Reiker would prove indispensable to his real world practice of cinematography.

Glover began shooting independent features and documentaries that have taken him all over the world and to all 50 states. He is a two time Emmy Nominee for the worldwide hit documentary series, Dirty Jobs. Among others, Douglas spent 5 months with a fire department living with them and shooting their daily lives on and off the job, shot a music video in Ireland and shot commercials for Motorola, Boeing and The state of California.

Glover’s cinematography career has recently led to opportunities as a Director/DP. Most recently he Directed and co/DP’d a feature documentary on the Donner Party that broke ratings records on the Weather Channel and screened at the Savannah Film Festival. Douglas also directed a series of National spots created by 72 and Sunny for Anheuser Busch. He also Directed and co/Dp’d a 2 hour Movie for Discovery Channel titled Megalodon:The Monster shark lives. The project broke an all time ratings record for shark week bringing in nearly 5 Million viewers. He followed that up with SUBMARINE another hugely successful 2 hour movie for shark week. Submarine took the 2nd spot for highest ratings of all time behind Megalodon.
In addition, he has been directing a series of top secret short films for the U.S. Military.

Douglas has always taken pride in keeping up with the tools and technology available to film makers and in today’s ever changing digital era, this is more important than ever.

Glover is always looking for an adventure whether it be strapped to the top of a 500’ radio tower in a thunderstorm, documenting Classified Military operations, or waiting patiently for just the right light to enter a crack in a window and add a final element to a scene.

Some day he wants to make it into space.